Leaves on the wind…

Another blog, another beginning.

I intend to maintain Midnight Monsoon and Nomad Musik as part of my portfolio, but each corresponds to a phase in my life and writing that has now closed – MM to my former radio show on Whitman College’s KWCW 90.5 FM, and NM to my first experimental freelancings during my year abroad in Berlin.

Now I am back in Berlin, and this nomad’s future is looking more uncertain than ever. I’d like a space to be more creative and free-format, tied strictly to neither music blogging and podcasts, nor to A&E journalism, although both of those will certainly turn up in my writings.

I am in a transitory period as I continue to fight for a visa to work as a journalist here, and so this space will reflect the whirlwind of chaos that currently engulfs my professional and creative life. Expect to find unpaid, uncommissioned journalism, creative nonfiction and personal journals, Tumblresque coffee photos, poetry and more. I offer you the harsh winds of entropy sweeping through my life, a disorder of leaves on the wind as autumn strips the dying flames of summer from their boughs. It is time to ride the current and see where it carries us.

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