Berlin art scene blooming with transatlantic eclecticism

Berlin is all about defying labels, fusing cultural movements together, being many things at once. A bartender in a techno club wearing fashion from her own international vintage boutique store. A street musician organizing instrumental education and charity efforts for economically disadvantaged immigrant children. An avid couchsurfer who is now CEO of his own startup company. A DJ who also creates visual art and plays guitar for a world-renowned synthpunk artist.

One meets this last example in the person of Saskia Hahn. The German-born multimedia artist is vocalist and guitarist of the band Sweet Machine, who play as backing band for international electro artist Peaches. She also spins as an electro DJ, as herself and in the duo brand “Mine&Hers,” with her husband, New Yorker DJ and producer Marc-Alan Gray. When she’s not playing music, she’s in the studio creating her own unique flavor of expressionist pop art.

The visual artworks of Hahn and American pop artist Dean Rosenzweig will be exhibited from Thursday, Nov. 15 through Friday, Nov. 30 in Berlin’s Gallery BOX32, at Boxhagener Straße 33. The opening, on Thursday, Nov. 15 from 7 p.m. onwards, will be accompanied by wearable art from New York designer John Renaud, and live DJ beats from Marc-Alan Gray and DJ Kurtz.

Check back in for photos and live coverage of the exhibition!

Update: Photos from the opening!

2 responses to “Berlin art scene blooming with transatlantic eclecticism

  1. Hi Caitlin, I read this and your previous article on the Italians and other Southern and Eastern Europeans migrating into Germany, love your writing! I’ve not been to Berlin yet but all my American and British friends love it. They’re mostly entrepreneurs but a few artists too and very similarly captivated by the cultural scene there, in fact most are planning to stay there if they can help it! Look forward to your next series of reports.

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